Harmonious CBD

This is honestly the most incredible, loving and caring chiropractor I have ever met. Dr. Reid Brecke has a whole different approach to chiropractic health. He combines products with innovative chiropractic techniques that are very effective in the most friendly and welcoming environment. Dr. Brecke’s sister, Jules, works the front desk and is just a wonderful person. Definitely give them a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Vincent S. (Chiropractor)

In their happy, “love what we are doing” way of doing business and getting the job done, Dr. Brecke and his sister, Jules, analyzed and treated me as none other ever had, or could. I have never found a better doctor than Dr. Brecke.

Tim D.

Upon my first visit to Dr. Reid Brecke I was very nervous due to having back pain for many years. Well, he did his “magic” on me without my feeling any pain or discomfort . It still amazes me to think how quickly and seemingly easily Dr. Brecke spared me from an undesired outcome. Dr. Brecke is more than a doctor, he is a true healer!

Virginia M.

It took 6 hours for me to feel like a completely different person. I feel so good! Thank you so much. Dr. Brecke, you truly are an amazing chiropractor.

Pam B.

I brought my six month old daughter to you in desperation. She was half her size for her age. I couldn’t nurse her and she was very sick and couldn’t keep anything down. I tried everything. You looked a little worried when I told you our story, but seemed confident it was no problem. You laid her on her back and ever so gently put your fingers on her. Since that day she has not vomited and is eating like a horse. It is still unbelievable to me. I asked you to explain it to me and you did:

“I was trained in school to feel the organs and that if they felt hard, they weren’t working. By applying the slightest pressure on them they would be stimulated and begin working. In your daughter’s case, none of them were working.”

After having been in your care, I can only hope a process of education will eventually make what you do available on a large scale basis so that many people can experience the benefits of this type of treatment.

Not only has your genuine interest in our better health helped me and my sons, you worked wonders on my mom and brother who both could hardly walk, their back pain was so intense.

Thank you from the bottom of our formerly respectively starved and worn-out hearts.