Brecke Chiropractic Center utilizes the atlas orthogonal procedure—a gentle, targeted correction to the atlas.

Atlas Orthogonal (AO) is an upper-cervical chiropractic technique using a percussion wave to reposition the atlas vertebra—the first cervical vertebra of the spine which supports the globe of the head.

atlas orthogonal instrumentThis one bone can affect the entire alignment of the spine. When the atlas is out of position the body tries to maintain a center of gravity by keeping the head centered over the feet. However to keep the head in a level position the rest of the spine is thrown out of alignment. This resulting misalignment can cause nerve pressure and inflammation resulting in a disruption of the nervous systems normal functioning, cause muscles to contract resulting in what appears to be a shorter leg—all affecting the structural integrity of the skeletal system. A host of other symptoms and problems may also appear, including headaches, neck and facial pain, changes in the shoulder and pelvis alignment, decreased curve in the neck, and scoliosis.

Brecke Chiropractic Center aims to determine if this misalignment is present through a thorough exam and x-rays. A specific treatment plan is then developed using precise measurements of the angle of the atlas. Proper adjustments can then be effectively given.

“The human head weighs between 9-15 lbs and is designed to sit over the center of our bodies. The atlas vertebra is directly under the skull and below it is the axis. The skull, atlas and axis need to be perfectly balanced for optimal nerve transmission. This is the highest priority in your spinal system. My office executes the best and most effective adjustments using a precision instrument that uses a percussion force to re-position the atlas. When the atlas is balanced and where it belongs; improved health and well-being is the outcome” – Dr. Reid Brecke